Traffic James and Drainage Congestion need initiatives

Engr. Md. Abdul Latif                                        

Dhaka-Aricha via Nabinagar National Highway is a very important road of Bangladesh. Nabinagar – Tangail via Chandra National Highway is also an important road of the country. In most of the time specially at Eidul Fitor and Eidul Azha, unbearable traffic James are seen to happen at Nabinagar road crossing due to Gabtoli (Dhaka) bound vehicular traffics from Aricha/South Bengal and North Bengal bound vehicular traffics from Gabtoli(Dhaka). In nearby future, the James would take a serious turn in this location due to the movements of increasing numbers of vehicular traffics on these two routes. To prevent traffic James, a double lane flyover bridge needs to be constructed over the northern lane of Dhaka -Aricha National Highway at Nabinagar road crossing as in Chandra (Gagipur) road crossing without disturbing the environment of the nearby national monument. If the flyover bridge constructed, the vehicular traffics can easily ply on both the routes without interruption at Nabinagar road crossing. Besides, a coordinated road network planning is very much essential to keep the capital city Dhaka free of traffic James. As part of this planning, following initiatives need to be taken:

1) Decentralization of power at district /divisional level

2) Construction of ring road around Dhaka City along with its international link roads.

3) Shifting of bus terminals of long routes to the outside of the ring road.
4) Construction of some flyover bridges at busy road crossings  within the ring road(Such as over northern lane of Gabtoli-Gulistan Road at Technical Road Crossing, over the same lane at Shyamoli Sisu Park Road Crossing and Manikmia Avenue Road Crossing etc.).

5) Creation of all needful facilities (Health, Education, Justice, Job creation etc) at district/divisional levels so that the people of that areas don’t have to come to Dhaka for the above facilities.

6) To allow no long routed buses inside the ring road.

7) To form a committee comprising of specialists i/c some professors of BUET for the best road network planning of Dhaka City.

Drainage Congestion: The rain water as well as waste water having come from household buildings/Industries can not drain out quickly and that causes water logging on the open spaces i/c the road surfaces of Dhaka City for want of proper drainage systems in the city. As a result, most of the roads of Dhaka City go under water resulting in untold sufferings to the people. Huge residential buildings being constructed in open spaces and existing water bodies/ponds day by day are also the reason of water logging on the roads within the city area (As the water stored capacity of the city is decreasing day by day with the increase of home states and decrease of open spaces/water bodies).The situation takes serious turn in rainy season resulting in stagnant water on most of the city roads as the flood water level outside the city area remains high as compared to the water level inside the city at that time. The situation gets aggravated day by day. It should stop at any cost for the sake of the people. There are many experts like Professor Dr. Jamilur Reza Chowdhury (JRC), Professr Dr. Shamsul Houq and Professor Dr. Ainunnishad on this issue in Bangladesh. Government should invite them immediately to prepare an effective master plan of drainage system for Dhaka City and implement the master plan as early as possible. If effective drainage system not established, the stagnant rain water mixed with residential waste water will pollute drinking water entering into the underground reserved water tanks of residential buildings and the roads within the city area can not last longer due to water logging resulting in huge maintenance cost for them (roads). The undersigned thinks, the following steps may help the people of Dhaka City get rid of these untold sufferings.


1) To construct flood control pucca embankment/road around Dhaka City for preventing flood water in rainy season.

2) To construct a pucca reservoir drain (comparatively deep) along the inner side of the embankment.

3)To evacuate the grabber from the alignments of 26-canals that exist within Dhaka     City

4)To construct puca canals along the alignments of the 26- existing canals up to the nearby rivers.

5) To construct internal puca drains including primary drains having their destination at the reservoir drain/pucca canals(Inside the ring road).

6) To construct some out let pucca drains, if needed, connecting reservoir drain with the nearby rivers (final destination of rain/waste water)

7) To construct sluice gates (that will remain open at dry season to let the water of the reservoir drain go to the rivers through the out let drains/canals(Outside the reservoir drain) and closed at rainy season to prevent flood water from outside) on the embankment road over the outlet pucca drains/canals(Outside the reservoir drain).

8) To construct drain cum roads, on which heavy loaded vehicles like trucks/buses will not ply,  inside the city area, if needed, for increasing the drainage capacity  of drainage network.

9) To install pump machines near the sluice gates to pump the water out from the reservoir drain to the nearby rivers through the outlet drains/canals(Outside the reservoir drain) during the rainy season(as the water level outside the embankment will remain high as compared to that in the reservoir drain at that time.

10) To ensure timely cleaning of pucca canals and drains including reservoir drain.
11) To ensure timely maintenance of pumps as well as sluice gates.


Writer: Upazila Engineer Md. Abdul Latif, Bhuapur, Tangail.

Mobile: 01708161464